COVID-19 Protocols
Masks are required upon request. Sanitizing stations are available.

Weekly Volunteer Sewing Group

Volunteer sewers are always needed and welcomed.

Thursdays | 9:00 am to 3:00 pm | St. Paul's United Church (454 Egbert Ave, Saskatoon, SK) 

Bus Stop - Egbert Ave/ 105th Street (Stop ID: 4229 and 4230)

Parking - on the street (non-metered)

The entrance to the hall is located to the right of the church proper.


Please Be Aware

Cloth for Kids does not fundraise on social media platforms or share advertisements requesting donations.


Donations Greatly Appreciated

We are always looking for the following items:

  1. Cutting rotary blades (60 mm size)
  2. Thread (serger & sewing machine)
  3. Baby flannelette
  4. Unused fabric (minimum of one square metre)
  5. Knitting yarn
  6. Other donations are greatly appreciated.

Please read, in the Thanks to our Friends section about recent donations that will  do so much good in our community.


A Little About Us

Cloth for Kids is a Canadian charity where volunteers use donated fabric to sew new clothes for Saskatchewan kids in need. We obtain the fabric, yarns, notions and sewing machines through donations. Our team of sewers and volunteers meet weekly to cut and sew items for children. Cloth for Kids provides these items free of charge to professional agencies that can identify where the need is greatest.

St. Pauls United Church, Credit Jeffery Li