A Little About Us

Cloth for Kids is a Canadian charity that provides new clothing for needy children in Saskatchewan. This program is only possible due to the great generosity of those who donate unused fabric and notions and the even greater generosity of those who voluntarily sew or knit.

We obtain the fabric, yarns, notions and sewing machines through donations. Our team of sewers and volunteers meet weekly to cut and sew items for children. Cloth for Kids provides these items free of charge to professional social agencies in Saskatoon and within Saskatchewan that can identify where the need is greatest.


Some of the Agencies We Work With

Cloth for Kids provides clothing for children. Finished items are available to social agencies through professionals such as social workers, community school workers and public health staff, etc. We work with many helping agencies including:

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Stuff We Make

Every year our volunteers donate over 18,000 hours to sew and knit over 10,000 items! These items are dispersed to the community for those in need. If your organization has a need for items to help needy children in Saskatchewan, please contact us.


Donations Greatly Appreciated 

We are always looking for the following items:


Thanks to Our Friends

Without the public's support and the following organizations and people, Cloth for Kids couldn't help all of the kids we do...so thank you!

We wish to acknowledge a very large and wonderful donation of materials from a warm and wonderful lady, Iris Katharine Sloboda. Iris was a lifelong seamstress, starting at her mother's knee and continuing her whole life. She lived her life caring and giving to others. It was important to her to give back to her community. Iris's family wanted Cloth for Kids to know that she would be very happy to have her fabrics going to a non-profit charity that worked at getting clothing and quilts out to those in need in our Saskatoon community.

A huge thank you to Sharon Afseth for the generous donation, on behalf of a friend, of beautiful cotton which assures the good quality of the goods made at Cloth for Kids.

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