About Us

What We Do
Cloth for Kids was put into place to provide new clothing for needy children in Saskatchewan. This program is only possible due to the great generosity of those who donate unused fabric and the even greater generosity of those who voluntarily sew or knit. Cloth for Kids provides these items free of charge to professional agencies.

Agencies We Help
Cloth for Kids freely provides clothing for needy children. Finished items are available to agencies through professionals such social workers, community school workers and public health staff, etc.

If you are an agency who requires items, please 
contact us or come down to the Weekly Volunteer Sewing Group - Thursday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Cloth for Kids was started by Edna Poncelet after she visited a conference and got the idea from speaking with other sewing store business owners. In spring 2002 Edna placed an advert in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix calling for fabric and notion donations and volunteer sewers. Edna and three volunteers started with their first agency request from the Elizabeth Fry Society for 150 gift bags.

Cloth for Kids was based out of Edna’s fabric store for two years until more space was needed. Until a new space was acquired, a generous volunteer stored all the Cloth for Kids items in her basement for several months. A committee was formed to find a new space and St. Thomas Wesley Church had a room…free of charge. The complete lower hall was available for Cloth for Kids to use including large tables and storage for all the supplies, fabrics, finished items and machines. 

During the first few years it was a challenge to convince people that the sewn items were free to the agencies for children. See one of our first posters below.

It was in 2004 the first much needed serger was purchased for the volunteers to assemble items. Over the years, donations for our products have allowed us to purchase 4 sergers, 12 sewing machines, and numerous storage shelves and containers. 
In February 2004 a Grande Prairie sister group was formed, Sewing for Kids, based on Cloth for Kids.

In 2008 Cloth for Kids gained Canadian charitable status.

In 2013 the volunteer base has grown to more than 50 people and on any given Thursday there are 20+ volunteers sewing, and many of our home workers drop in with their products, or to pick up more raw material.

Since moving to St Thomas Wesley Church basement, Cloth for Kids has participated and hosted various events.